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A community held together by Christ; loving God, supporting one another & bringing hope to the world.

We are ChristChurch

A community, held together by Christ, loving God, supporting one another, and bringing hope to the world.

See what this means in practice!

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Jesus knew that Father thought of Him as 'the delight of His life'. He had a clear understanding of who He was and what He was doing.

He waited for over two years before He sent the disciples out on mission because He knew that a proper motivation for serving the Father can only come from a proper understanding of who He is and His love for us.

As we look at "Identity", we are asking: 'Why is a correct understanding of our identity as children of a loving Father so important, and what are the implications for how we serve Him?'

What's New ...

Sunday Morning Service @ King's Hall

Tim Barr will lead our praise in music, and Clare Pretorius will continue our series, "Shaped by Jesus" as she speaks on Identity.

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Not been before?

Come to the Octagon Suite at the Kings Hall Belfast.  Services commence each Sunday at 10:30 amChildren and Youth are catered for with their own programme during the normal service.

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