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A community held together by Christ; loving God, supporting one another & bringing hope to the world.

We are ChristChurch

A community, held together by Christ, loving God, supporting one another, and bringing hope to the world.

See what this means in practice!

Beatitudes ....

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There was no preacher like Jesus, and there is probably no sermon like the Sermon on the Mount.
Sunday by Sunday over the summer we will look at each of the beatitudes.

This week ...

Meeting at Octagon @ King's Hall

This week Kyle Graham will lead our worship in music and Caroline Karayiannis will speak at our All-age Communion Service.

Who is ChristChurch?

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On Monday afternoon, more than sixty girls squeezed their way into the Children's Club to play, sing, listen to a story and learn a memory verse. 24 hours later, most of them were homeless and the room where the club meets in Anna's home had been gutted by fire, along with more than half the slum.

When the phone call came at lunchtime on Tuesday to say that the slum was on fire, I headed straight over, not knowing what to expect on arrival. The scene was chaotic, the fire still not fully quenched, fire engines lined up in the road along the side of the slum, local people helping to hold hoses, frantically passing buckets of water to each other. Some families had been able to grab a few belongings which they were standing guard over in the road, but most were left with just the clothes they were standing in. Drenched from the hoses, ankle deep in water and cinders, they could only watch in disbelief as all they owned turned to ash. Again. 5 years ago many of these families lost everything in a similar fire and many of you helped them to find their feet then. This time the fire had spread even further through the slum, moving with immense speed from alleyway to alleyway in the warm dry weather (over 30oC).

Within a few minutes of arriving it was clear that no-one had been killed or badly injured - that helped to keep everything in some sort of perspective, and it was humbling to hear people voicing their thanks for God's mercy in that even as their tears poured down their cheeks at what they had lost. The fire began with an electrical fault in a locked home, so it could easily have broken out a night with even more dire consequences.

As the fire subsided and the hoses were rolled away, people went to look at the wreckage of their homes. This time many walls were still standing, because so many people rebuilt with brick (rather than tin/bamboo) after the 2009 fire. However, the walls are not stable and will probably need to be dismantled. Opinion is divided as to whether or not the bricks can be reused, but at least for the next few days people have some privacy and something to hang plastic from to give some shade and shelter.

This afternoon (Thursday) each family will receive a plastic sheet, along with two pots, two lids and two spoons for cooking in the second phase of our relief work. On Tuesday night, we were able to give each of the 180 families a package of dry food (1kg beaten rice, 350g molasses and 8 bananas). A few of the ladies from the fellowship in the slum (including two who had just lost everything) and some

The club on Monday

The club room on Tuesday

teenagers from the club helped with making the decisions on what to buy, with purchasing the goods, packing the bags, making lists of affected families, giving out hastily written tokens, and then distributing the bags from a local Seventh Day Adventist school who kindly lent their premises.

As Anna looked at the remains of her home on Tuesday afternoon, she wept as she said, "My verse has gone, I've lost my verse!" When Cheryl and Peter came out a few years ago to paint murals on the walls of the club room, Anna asked us to paint John 14:6 on one wall - 'Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life."' She put her trust in Christ through that verse and she wanted it there for all to see. As she and others begin to try to reconstruct their lives, pray that they would prove Jesus to be the Way even through loss and devastation. May his Life give them the strength, comfort and courage they need to get up and go on.

People's resilience is incredible. Even by yesterday (Wednesday) morning the cleanup was well under way. Tonnes of ashes and rubble had been removed and piled high in the road, floors were swept, cinder carefully picked through for anything salvageable, and warped tin carefully stacked in the corner of each house to be sold as scrap. Two of the girls from the club, Poppy and Papiya, will still head off to school this morning to give sit their third exam in their SSC (GCSE level). But people are well aware that it's going to be a long, uphill struggle to start again.

Within the next fortnight or so, we would like to be able to give each family a sum of money to help with their rebuilding. About 180 families have been devastated, many more than in 2009. £100 is not enough to rebuild a house, even in a Dhaka slum. But it would go a long way towards helping.

Thank you for helping - again!

Teens packing food bags

The club room on Wednesday


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